Why Annual Physical Exams Are Important


Most people only go to the doctor when they’re sick or in need of treatment, but that shouldn’t be the case. Preventive health care should be a priority. It is highly recommended that everyone (and by everyone, we mean everyone, regardless of age) must go for an annual physical exam every year.

Why go to the doctor even when nothing is wrong?

An annual physical exam lets you and your doctor assess how you are doing health-wise regardless of whether you are feeling anything wrong or not. It can also help you assess which areas of your health need attention so they don’t cause bigger problems later on. For example, you can have your blood pressure checked, the amount of cholesterol and blood glucose level measured, and your body mass index reviewed. Annual physical exams help determine and ensure whether these factors are in normal ranges.

Physical exams provide an opportunity to check in with your physician on your overall health. It is also when you can bring up any question that has been bugging you. So remember write down those questions when you go for your physical exam!

Physical exams are also a great opportunity for your doctor to review your medications and immunization records. Your doctor needs to know whatever you’re taking, even if it was prescribed by someone else or purchased over the counter.

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